April 2024 Albuquerque Area Equipment Auction

April 2024 Albuquerque Area Equipment Auction

Auction: April 13&14th, 2024

Start time: 8:30AM MST

This ring is a webcast, it will end when the last item is sold by the auctioneer.  There may be multiple online bidding platforms as well as live in-person bidding at the auction site.  The winning bid is given when the auctioneer sells the item not when a bid is placed with a bidding platform.

Sale order: Vehicles, trucks, trailers, UTV's,  heavy equipment, farm equipment, support equipment and miscellaneous.  Final Sale order will be posted Friday afternoon.

You can bid either in person at 507 Boundary Court SE, Albuquerque NM 87105 or online at https://auctions.jandjauction.com

Audio streams are for entertainment purposes only. Audio is a great way to get an actual view of an item being sold or to experience an auctioneer. When placing a bid, it is best to rely on the Bid button live bidding application for real-time updates.  There can be internet lag times.

507 Boundary Ct SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105
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